Kabul – part 1

So basically I feel as if I have walked into the parallel world of Fringe (the TV series) – most of all because there’s also spy zeppelins here hanging in the sky. Which is just completely bizarre. But everything else also is just so familiar yet completely surreal that it doesn’t really make any sense.

Some Kabul street view impressions

I’ve already done lots in the two days I have been here, and I’ll try to tell in short what I’ve done up until now.

First of all I visited the building site and ministry my dad works for, which was really interesting. Now I finally know where he works! After that I crashed for an hour or so because I was so jet lagged and then we went to a pizza party. There were people there from all over the world (Eastern European, Japanese and Indian to name a few nationalities) who were all equally interesting. I for instance got to meet the rugby coach of the national Afghan team. How cool is that?

The Circus school

The second day I visited the Circus school which was amazing. Tried to juggle myself, but simply put I suck at it, but never the less had a lot of fun with the kids who were trying to teach me. It’s so great what they are doing there and how they are helping these (sometimes traumatised) kids. The girls were also really interested in me and completely flabbergasted by the fact that I was twenty one and not married yet. That evening I had dinner with a great American girl who has been in Afghanistan for nearly two years already, so that was really interesting. We ate at the design cafe, which is beautiful by the way!
I can recommend it should you ever happen to be in Kabul 😉

Circus school grounds

Girls singing lessons

Boys showing off their juggling skills

Today I visited the Circus school again and also met one of the Skateistan guys. Again I think it is fantastic what they do and it was great to see how much fun the kids had on the boards. Unfortunately it started raining so they had to quit pretty soon. But it was fun for the time it lasted!

Boys getting ready to skate! 

Afterwards I went to lunch and visited two boutiques where they sold beautiful, handmade clothes, furniture and accessories. Not a lot of things that you would wear at home, but I did manage to find a beautiful silk scarf. So I’m happy – it doesn’t take very much when it comes to fashion 😉

Tonight is already my last night in Kabul and I’m excited to see what the night will bring. We’re heading into town to go to different cafes so should be good no matter what. Keep you updated!

And to end all with the bizarre note that is so typical for Kabul: here’s me at the Circus school, with in the background parts of the rocket that hit the building next door during the shootings Sunday.

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  1. Els Dragt

    Interessante trip! Leuk om te lezen en foto’s te zien.

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