Eco lego

For me part of the attraction of lego is that it’s bright coloured, so i’m not quite sure what to think of Earth Blocks, because they definitely look less fun. But they are way more eco proof! And I guess you’re never too young to be sustainable so here goes. Meet the Earth Blocks:

The Earth Blocks are made out of a composite of the bark of the cedar tree, compressed dust from sawn cedar logs, and coffee beans as well as other recycled materials. They are made to “encourage hours of creative building and play”. The Earth Blocks are softer and rounder than original, plastic lego.

Why they are cool? Because they are sustainable I guess! The (children’s) game industry is huge – and has a lot of waste. So creating toys that are durable and good for the environment is a good thing! Especially if you want your grandchildren to be able to play as well! It is an investment in your child, the future and the earth itself.

I must say I do not want to know what happens when you put these in your mouth. And I think the earth blocks would be way better in colour. Or at least more attractive for children, as these look plain boring and not very pretty. But besides that I think they are a good alternative to plastic lego. The Earth Blocks are innovative, creative, sustainable and safe toys.

For more information: Earth Blocks

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