Underground park

Meet the Delancey Underground project, also known as the “LowLine”. This is a project in which they want to convert the old, unused trolley terminal beneath Delancey Street (in NYC) into a breathtaking, underground park.

The goal of the Delancey Underground project is to create “a space that is more than a space”. Besides being an inspiring, beautiful subterranean public park it also aims to generate a community through events, art exhibitions, markets etc.

But before I go any further, check out how the abandoned station looks at the moment:

Pretty bad huh? So besides it is cool that they want to turn this ugly, unused space into something pretty, they are also  planning to use cutting edge design and a new generation of green technology.

“The project also envisions a fresh approach to solar technology– using innovative fiber optics to reflect light underground, saving electricity and reducing carbon emissions, and generating the capacity for plants, trees, and grasses to thrive indoors. The “LowLine” is essentially part of the next phase in urban design, in which human scale and increasing resource scarcity force us to imagine smarter, more creative use of public spaces.” – James Ramsey and Dan Barasch

I really hope they will actually build the underground park – it is such a cool way of using the city to its fullest and making it a little bit prettier and greener! For more information, have a look at the projects website. There you can find more on the history of the park, the technology used for the solar system (very fascinating) and much more!

Sources: Trendland, Infrastructure USA, Delancy Underground Project

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