Green graffiti

Instead of ‘normal’ graffiti – which is harmful for the environment, use green graffiti!

There are a lot of different examples of green graffiti. Have a look:

Moss Graffiti

Sand Graffiti

Reverse Graffiti

Chalk & Milkpaint 

Green graffiti is mostly used for guerilla marketing. Some forms of green graffiti cost more time to develop (the moss takes some time to appear for instance) but other than that it is an easy, effective way of using our city in a new way.

It is also a creative way of grabbing someone’s attention, and it can be seen as an inspiration on how to make use of natural resources and what we already have, instead of producing new products.

Sources: Green Graffiti, Environmental Graffiti

One comment

  1. wakeorsleep

    This is a great post, really thought-provoking! I’ve never seen this type of graffiti before. There’s something beautifully contradictory in the permanence of growing a message in grass and the ethereal nature of most advertising messages.

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