Never without power anymore?

The Photovoltaic cell – better known as a solar cell, used for things such as solar panels – has been around since 1883. But thank god people keep innovation everything, including the Photovoltaic cell.

I know, only the word Photovoltaic cell itself sounds cool already, don’t you think?! But there is actually more to it than that. Scientists are busy with developing thinner film cells – which have already been used to turn ordinary clothing into power sources.

This has resulted in different examples such as solar cells in army clothing, tents and other products which are able to generate power. But will it be possible to wear power generating clothing in the future? I think it will! There is already a running jacket that can charge your mobile phone in eight hours (which means you have to be pretty patient but hey, who cares?)

But what does it mean for us? It means never running out of batteries anymore. How good is that in a society were everything and everyone is in continuously connected? It is also a very handy development for the Urban Nomad.

The Urban Nomad being someone who uses space as he or she wishes, is still always dependent on things such as power sources to work (that is when you use technical devices such as a laptop, mobile phone etc). But that could all change with the development of power generating clothing!  If you are self providing, autonomous and can transport and charge your technical devices yourself – you’re completely independent of your surroundings.

Sources: Designbuzz, Science of the Time and the dictionary as to understand more about Urban Nomadity and the photovoltaic cell.


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