Villa Bloem

Villa Bloem is an inspiring espressobar which has good food,cool music and a wonderful interior. Everything you need right?!

Villa Bloem is a well known -tiny- cafe in the heart of Wageningen, famous because of their delicious home-made food. I went for brunch today with my dad, and as we were sitting there the cakes were being baked right in front of us. Jumm!

Villa Bloem is cool because of the 50’s inspired interior, their finger licking cakes and tosti’s, and the live music they often have. Besides being a cafe Villa Bloem also offers their space as a place for workshops, parties etc. Really inspiring! It is also fun because all ages of people come; from parents with kids to students, teenagers, older couples; they were all there. It feels homey, non-commercial and personal. Which is always a good thing if you ask me!

With all the commercial, impersonal, standardised chains we have nowadays Villa Bloem is a welcome, refreshing option. It is authentic, real and personal. Should you ever be in Wageningen (don’t ask me why) make sure to stop there!


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