Metaphysical immersion

Transcendenz is Michaël Harboun’s thesis project and it goes beyond anything I have ever seen before. He has created another world; a world of Interconsciousness. Intrigued by the paradox of our modern society – he focuses on ‘the empty time’. Because even when we do have time for ourselves, we often fill it with media. These information technologies put us in a time of connection, interaction and distraction, hence separating us from the empty time. (The empty time is the time in which we are fully conscious about ourselves and our environment.)

How it is explained by Michaël himself is as following:

In a world in which we are constantly bombarded with injunctions to react or to distract ourselves it gets scarcely possible in our everyday life to dwell upon the essential, the existential, the metaphysical…

Transcendenz offers to connect our everyday life to an invisible reality, the one of ideas, concepts and philosophical questionings which the world is full of but that our eyes cant’ see. By bringing together the concepts of augmented/altered reality, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and social networks, Transcendenz offers to live immersive philosophical experiences.

Transcendenz combines the existent and non-existent with each other. Its goal is to create a new type of information technology which makes us aware of fundamental questionings.

Why is it cool?

For me Transcendenz is cool because it gives meaning to our superficial, over-consumed lives. Transcendenz offers experiences covering the contemplative themes of mankind like vanity, ethics, infinity, empathy, etc. It makes us more aware of the world we live in. It also shows us how much is still left to explore and how far technology can go. And this is yet the beginning …

Transcendenz is also about sharing, connecting with other people and the environment, and creating awareness. Besides all of this it also responds to our constant need to develop ourselves and offers new ways of learning. (You can also consult the thoughts of history’s great philosophers if you wish to learn more about the experience’s topic – how cool is that?!)
For me, Transcendenz gives an opportunity to become aware of the more important things in life in an ordinary setting.

By transforming our perception of the world, the Transcendenz experiences invite us to reflect upon our world, our life and ourselves. – Troy Turner

I’m very curious to see how this technique will continue to develop. What do you think about Transcendenz and the meaning behind it?

PS: if you want to learn more I strongly recommend having a look at Michaël Harboun’s website. He can explain a lot better than I can!

Sources: Science of the Time, Michael Harboun.


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