Plus One Berlin

More and more people travel to Berlin, and rightly so. Berlin is cool, inspiring, raw; it’s one of the places you just must have been & seen. But one of the worst things – if you ask me – is walking around like a tourist. But how do you discover where the best cafe’s, shops and parties are?

(image: Tresor, Berlin)

That’s where Plus One Berlin comes in. They now offer you the chance to discover Berlin through the eyes of a local. A whole new experience! Instead of wandering around lost or following a map, you can choose out of 28 locals who give you a one-of-a-kind perspective on Berlin life. Plus One Berlin gives you the experience of being a local in a foreign city – and ensures you that you’ll go to all the cool places.

You can now book a local and stay in a high-end appartment hidden in a block of flats in ‘Kreuzkölln’ which is designed by Paola Bagna and John Paul Coss. It’s beautiful if you ask me. It is also a place where local artists can exhibit their work. How cool is that? The 28 locals you can book all have different backgrounds, nationalities, and interests, but share a passion for Berlin. So there’s bound to be someone right for you! Besides exploring a new city, it also shows you a place through someone else’ eyes. It is a way of getting to know different cultures, people, places etc.

Once again we have the wish to be local – and experience things that are local and as a local. Plus One Berlin gives you this opportunity. It’s a new, inspiring way of discovering a city and its people. And who wouldn’t want to stay in such a beautiful apartment?!

For more information: Plus One Berlin


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