GOODNESS is a pop-up restaurant concept by model / environmentalist Elettra Wiedemann. She started last year during New York Fashion Week, and last month the second edition took place. Luckily, GOODNESS will make future appearances in Paris, London, Doha and Miami.

GOODNESS pop-up restaurants and events fuse together environmental awareness, health, luxury and convenience to create a new standard of living, proving that—all around the world— “eco is always chic.”  

And although the ‘pop up’ experience isn’t new – the combination of eco, fashion, food and pop up is. GOODNESS offers people the chance to eat delicious fair food by top chefs for reasonable prices. In breathtaking places! The thing I like is that they use local foods and local chefs. Guess it is part of the ‘back to the roots’ movement we are seeing more and more, in combination with authenticity. It’s also nice that exquisite food becomes more accessible for more people! Even though it is only for four days.

Also new is the fact that the pop-up restaurant GOODNESS took place in an existing restaurant (in the Robert Restaurant at the Museum of Arts and Design to be precise). Could that be a new trend? Usually pop-up ‘events’ are in unused places which are rented out and can be turned into whatever intended. This time, a restaurant became a different restaurant for just four days. Maybe something to keep an eye out for?

(sources: Science of the Time, Trendland, Goodness)


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