Design between dimensions

Today our generation is born into a world that is dominated by screens – and we are ‘living in a shadow area between the second and third dimension’. Our generation is also known as the Pop-Up Generation. We are able to move fluently between 2D and 3D, combine both worlds and switch between dimensions as we wish.

image: unkown, found here.

Well known trendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort has developed the concept for the exhibition The Pop-up Generation, Design Between Dimensions. To understand her vision on the subject fully I recommend watching this video and reading her (and the artists) posts about it on her blog!

But what I want to tell you about are the things that stuck out for me at the exhibition. One of the things that amazed me the most was “Le Monde des Montages” by Camille Scherrer, a Swiss artist. As she states herself: ‘under the viewer’s eyes, the frontier between the real and virtual worlds become blurred. “Le Monde des Montages” is an interactive set-up to discover the secrets hidden in the pages of an ordinary book.’

And it is so cool! I’ve never seen anything like it – and I still don’t understand completely how it works. I guess that is one of the strengths: “Le Monde Des Montagnes” creates another world on screen, enhancing the illustrations – taking you into a different reality. Whilst all the time you’re also looking at an old book. Guess it is something like augmented reality taken to another level?

I think it is completely new and refreshing – yet really subtle and dreamlike. Loved it!

Some impressions of other cool things:

Images by me

Sources: Camille’s works, Trendtablet, Moti Museum.


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