Front line

Ok so, today is International Women’s Day. Who cares right?
I must admit – that’s exactly what I thought. Until my mum sent me an email with a BBC article on women reporters on the front line. And that is the kind of thing that always deserves attention if you ask me.

Today a new book was published: No Woman’s Land – On the Frontlines with Female Reporters, by forty women journalists. Because of that, BBC published the artcile Women on the front line: 15 survival tips, by BBC’s Caroline Wyatt (CW), Lyse Doucet (LD) and Shaimaa Khalil (SK).

Of course, a book covering a subject like this is always interesting (or at least – that’s my opinion). But why would my mum send me this article besides the fact she hopes her daughter is both politically engaged and involved with society?

That is because in a little over one month, I’ll be traveling to Afghanistan myself. Obviously not as a journalist – but nonetheless the tips come in very handy. Must add that I knew most already, but I hadn’t considered something like wearing a wedding ring. And the tip about carrying your glasses with you was downright scary.

Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin, who sadly was killed the 21st of February after she reported about the situation in Syria.

For everyone who’s ever traveling to conflicted places, I think these 15 tips are a must read. Male or Female. It is always important to respect other cultures wherever you go – but even so much more important if your life could depend on it.

I must say I’m thinking about buying the book, but I’m not sure yet. Should be an interesting read though.
For everyone who’s also interested: you can order the book online here. And to make things even better, all money raised by sales of the book goes towards INSI safety work for women journalists. So you’re supporting a good cause at the same time!


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