Bootcamp baby

Last week I did an article on how to work out in a fashionable way (and yes, that is possible!)

In my post I also wrote about a little sporty to-do list I have and I’m proud to say that I did the first on the list. Because this Monday, I went to bootcamp.

 First of all: as you can all see, I’m still alive. I wasn’t quite sure if I would ever make it beforehand, so I’m glad to say I did just fine. Although.. just fine might be a slight overstatement. Got pretty nauseous during the training and still have a nice bruise on my shoulder. But that just looks though – right?!

Must say the workout was really good and I nearly had fun whilst doing it. Definitely going to it more often. Next on the list: boxing. But for now I’m still mentally preparing myself for that one..

What is your favourite workout?

(images: V Magazine’s sport edition 76, Photography Junichi Ito, Fashion Catherine Newell-Hanson)


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