It’s magic!

And most of all it’s magnetic magic.

I’m really sorry for the crappy photos – I’ll try and make better pictures as soon as possible. But I just had to share this with you!

Friday I tried this magnetic nail polish by Pupa. And it’s actually the first I’ve seen (and heard) about that works. So how does magnetic nail polish work?

As far as I understand, the nail polish has special metal particles in it that are attracted by a magnet. By using the magnet directly after applying the nail polish, these particles create a specific pattern. In this case horizontal stripes, but there’s also magnets for different patterns. I’m also not quite sure if the nail polish could react to any magnet or that you have to use the one that comes with the polish. I’ll try and find out!

What do you think of magnetic nail polish, would you try it? Keep an eye out for more info – coming as soon as possible.


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