Is green the new black?

One of the biggest developments to be seen in fashion (or any other industry for that matter) is that of sustainability. Otherwise referred to as eco, fair trade, green, and much more terms I can’t think of right now.

 Green fashion can also be interpreted in many different ways. From ‘recycled’ clothes made out of trash to brands that produce in a fair trade way; there’s an immense field that isn’t even fully developed yet.

So what do I want to tell you about green fashion?

Instead of trying to explain about the vast world of green fashion – I most of all just want to show you a brand that has managed to really inspire me. So much, that they are one of the first I now think of when I see or hear something about green fashion.

Curious which brand that is? I’m talking about Oh My Bag.

How Oh My Bag describes itself:
“O My Bag brings sustainability and fashion lovers together, because the choices we make as shoppers, can change the world. A leather bag that is made with respect for our precious planet and the people on it. Classic and fashionable, with a cheeky twist. That is O My Bag.” 

Why is Oh My Bag cool? I think they do an amazing job showing you in this video:

Why did Oh My Bag inspire me?

I got to know Oh My Bag during the Green Fashion Competition this January. And whilst nearly all the competitors blew my mind –  Oh My Bag managed to make a lasting impression. Have you ever seen bags on a catwalk? I hadn’t until last month at least – thats for sure. The combination of the music, the different way of presentation (the most obvious way would’ve been to let models walk with the bags ..) and the bags themselves  all amazed me. It was creative, fun and new.

Thankfully, Oh My Bag has a video of the show, so you can all see what I’m talking about:

But in the end what struck me most, was that I had never thought about the fact that leather was bad for the environment. So besides all the cool factors mentioned above about Oh My Bag, they actually taught me something and opened my eyes.

For more info on Oh My Bag please visit their website!

Images: Oh My Bag and M-occa.


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