Fashion vlogging

Ok, I understand if you think vlogging, what the hell is that?! I’ll confess: I hadn’t even heard of the term myself until this morning. But it’s the abbreviation of Video Blogging. And in fashion blogs, that’s something I’ve been spotting more and more lately.

Welcome to the blogging 2.0 world!

Vlogging has been around for quite some time now, and I’ve especially seen it a lot on beauty blogs. Which makes sense, because it’s a great way to show how you apply your make-up – instead of doing tutorials with pictures. Also seen a lot: the ‘welcome in my closet’ videos.

But recently I’ve been seeing more and more different kind of videos on my favourite fashion blogs. The ones I like the most are the outfit vlogs. Instead of pictures, bloggers will make a video of their outfit. Seeing the actual outfit – in combination with sounds (usually music) is so much more inspiring than just a picture. It creates a whole image instead of capturing a moment. This way you can actually feel the certain style a blogger wants to communicate through their outfit (if it’s done in the right way, that is).

Also spotted: diary vlogs. In this case a blogger shows more than just one outfit – and takes you with them throughout a period. For instance Audrey Rogers from Frassy did a ‘This is my life’ video last month. A real must see!

What’s so cool about vlogging?

Vlogging is perfect for more interaction with your readers, and most of all it’s more personal. Nothing gives an impression better of someone (or something) than a video does! (And i must confess: I’ve been surprised so many times by videos. You often create an image of someone when you follow their blog through their pictures, posts and style. But when you see someone walk, talk and act they are nearly always different to the image you created of them.)

Blogs in general are obviously the perfect way to have a look into someone else’s life – and vlogging is an extension of that.

In terms of trends I think vlogging is part of the cross media and technological developments that are taking place. Next to that, it also creates even more transparency in a world which is already extremely transparent. And last but not least; they are ideal for all the people that either don’t like reading – or are just really lazy.

(PS: click on the images to see the videos right away. Have fun and be inspired!)

Images: Afterdrk and Frassy.


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