Craving for freedom

Two inspiring images


image by H.MacNaughton

You literally have the whole world at your feet whilst flying – what’s more inspiring than that?
image via loliitahaze
So little is actually to be seen in this picture, but so much is implicated. Anyone not longing for summer after seeing this image? It makes me think of sun, warmth, the beach, ice creams and most of all: endless possibilities.
So why these two images as ‘inspiring images? I guess for me the idea of endless possibilities is very intriguing. The feeling that you can do absolutely everything and that the sky isn’t the limit.
Looking at known trends and developments, this fascination for freedom of mine probably comes from the fact we are becoming more and more individualistic. Because isn’t being completely free with endless possibilities the absolute top you can achieve as individualist?
What do you think? Where does the hang for absolute freedom come from? Let me know!

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