Intuitive trendwatching

One observation of a location: Mazzo Amsterdam
Our goal at the moment is to develop our intuitive Trendwatching skills. And one of the qualities a great Trendwatcher should have is the ability to observe. So, our assignment was to observe either an unkown location or person. Not a very easy task for someone who likes to talk a lot.

Because of my rather busy schedule I figured I could best try and combine the observing with other activities. So why not do it during dinner: one has to eat at one point right?
After passing it on endless accounts and hearing good stories about it I decided it was about time to go and have dinner at Mazzo, an Italian restaurant in the centre of Amsterdam.

The very first thing I noticed on arrival was the Mazzo sign. What’s nice about that is that it is inside, but you can even spot it from the outside! Second thing that caught my eye was the shape of the restaurant: it is very narrow, but long. And quite dark! Wasn’t even sure if my date for the evening was actually the person who I spotted at first (thank god I didn’t walk up to a complete stranger – although that could’ve been interesting as well. It could also just be my not so great eyes, but let’s just go with the dark).

Mazzo has different parts were you can sit, with each of them a different feeling. There’s high tables with bar stools,  a bar with stools, a long low couch with low tables and chairs, ‘normal’ tables with chairs and they even have a separated room with round table for if you’d like some more privacy.

The different feelings of the spaces are enhanced by the different designs used for the restaurant. At the entrance there’s a whole part made out of wood; even the cupboards seem to be made out of the same piece. The wood is seen throughout the whole restaurant but combined with different elements. I for instance sat beside a big rough brick wall and next to us was a wall completely made out of chalkboard. Further a long there were big pictures of people eating Italian food. The lamps and structure of the restaurant had a very industrial feeling to them.

In the middle of the restaurant – on the right side looking from the entrance – Mazzo has an open kitchen. This gives everything an open feeling and also resulted in the restaurant having a lovely smell. Makes you feel at home! As the time passed it became busier and busier and I must say the place absorbed the sound quite well. We were able to converse without any problems and I liked the bustling sound of people and music. They played jazzy, pop music in the background when we were there which gave the place a relaxed atmosphere.

Last but not least I also had a look at the people who where at Mazzo. They were varying in age, but if I would have to guess the largest group was thirty-something years old. Most of them looked rather stylish and made me think of the term ‘hipsters’.

And for who’s more interested in food than all of the above: it was delicious! Definitely going back again to try more dishes.


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  1. The Brit

    Mmm, I imagine it’s a fun restaurant – one to try!

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